Saturday, May 20, 2006

How many years is that now?

Happy Birthday Tuan
Hoping you have a better year next this year.

By Sabrina - 12:38 p.m. |

Thanks Binnie, apparently I am new, yet tight...

Duc, I almost bought a 360 last week but the Futureshop folk didn't honour their pay the GST promotion. Only on select merchandise. I was going to save a bundle by picking up some games and accesories too. Bah. No sale. I'll wait til xmas for the price drop.
Happy Birthday, monsieur. Hope you do something special for yourself today.
indeed, a happy birthday to you.
Happy birthday Tuan! Sorry to hear about the 360 deal falling through. Which games were you planning on picking up?
Tomb Raider Legend (yay! it doesn't suck), PGR3, DOA4. There was a bunch of good stuff announced at E3. Halo aside, Mobile Ops: The One Year War got my attention. :)
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