Friday, May 12, 2006

New Job

So I'm starting a brand new full-time job on Monday. I won't write about it online just in case they're a big evil company who hates bloggers. And also because if I write about my work it would cause me to think about it at home more than I absolutely need to. Bah on that.

So today I filled out the stock options enrollement form and all that, this is definitely the kind of job a grownup might have. Scary thought, indeed.

Now I just have to figure out how to weazel my way into getting the time off I need to go to my Sister's wedding. That should be fun. I might just threaten to quit and re-apply if they give me shit, since I know they'd hire me back.

More good news is that they don't hold back my first pay cheque, so I'll be getting money about 2 weeks sooner than I expected. w00.

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By al - 4:35 p.m. |

It's probably best to tell them you need the time off when you isgn your letter. That way the time off becomes part of your agreement to work there.

Most employers will go for this because it is something you had planned before you started working there.
I agree with Peter. Mention any planned vacation as soon as possible. You may not have vacation time built up, but they will probably understand and allow you to take time off (probably unpaid if you don't have vacation time).

I did something similar when I started working at CAE and I wanted to attend convocation.
woo awesome new job!
yeah i'm in aggreance with everyone else, mention your sisters wedding as soon as you can. as long as they know it's for your sister, it shouldn't be a problem. unless they are really evil.
Yeah I mentioned the wedding during my interview and when I was first talking to my manager. I've got the time off, and it's going to be quite the eventful month from now until then..
Yay for the new job. How is it going? Leaving Friday still eh?
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