Monday, May 01, 2006

I can't escape it.

Immigration. It's the hot topic in the media at the moment. Which means it'll last but a few months or until something more sensational occurs. Live 8 anyone? It's seeped into my fictional pastimes as well. The second season of Ghost in the Shell is centered around the refugee and immigrant crisis in Japan after the Second Vietnam War. Ace Combat Zero for PS2 details the rise of the terrorist organization "A World Without Borders".

They're merely diversions though. Reflections of our current xenophobic world view. I feel a great sadness for humanity. We've yet to let go of our differences. Race (which should be an antiquated concept relegated to the history books), sexual preference, skin color, culture, language, clothing. My DNA differs very little from yours. If I could only take you all into orbit and make you see what I see.

Cause it breaks my heart every week I hear my wife crying on the other end of the phone.

By TVT - 5:41 p.m. |

okay my heart is broken now.
It is rediculously unfair. I'm sure they have every excuse imaginable.
But still, two years is rediculous.
Never dig into Canadian immigration history. The injustices are astounding.

"Another example of Canada's direct role in the war with Vietnam was Agent Orange. This highly carcinogenic defoliant was sprayed indiscriminately over soldiers and civilians alike throughout the war. But how many Canadians know that Agent Orange was tested in Camp Gagetown, New Brunswick? Or that it was produced in Elmira, Ontario? Imagine if American protesters knew then where one of the most deadliest of weapons used during the war actually came from. Imagine if Canadians knew."
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