Friday, April 21, 2006

No Logo for The Rocket?

I hadn't heard much about the movie The Rocket that's opening today at the Empire Theatres in the mall. It's a story of, primarily, the 1955 Montreal riot over Maurice Richard's suspension just before the playoffs that was later seen as an early sign of the quiet revolution. I'm always glad to see Canadian, let alone Québecois, films get runs at the mall theatres, and this one actually looks like a pretty accurate historical film, as opposed to a glossy hooray-for-Canada PR job that it could have been if it had gone after much more federal arts funding.

One thing I noticed form the ads, though, is that the team logos all seemed to be blurred out. I'm told this isn't the case in the film itself, and I hope it isn't. This really just makes the NHL look bad by making it seem like theyare actively standing in the way of hockey taking its natural place in our cultural fabric in ways it might not fully be able to cash in on or control. Then again it's pretty standard fare for baseball movie posters to have strategic shots of the players backs so no team logos are shown, either.

Here's a photo from a promotional site:

Here's an article in MacLeans talking about the film and its historical context: Link.

The ads I saw for it were pretty thin for content, probably so as not to scare the TSN crowd away with the thought that they might have to hear some French. I hope this movie does well regardless, just to show that Canadian-produced films can be important, entertaining and successful, even if we have to start with movies about hockey. (though that's as good aplace to start as any.)

I'll writ emore once I've seen the film.

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