Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Memos: Double Cheese Edition

  • I double-cheesed my lunch today, with tortilla soup (tomato soup with cheese and tortilla chips and other stuff) and also having grilled cheese with it. I rule at lunch.

  • So there's going to be a Simpsons movie after all. A while ago I read somewhere that they weren't going to do one until the show was finished. I wonder if that's a sign.

  • Got to see C'Mon at Hunters last night. Amazing show, even if it did end early. The crowd passed the singer's guitar patch cable out over their heads so he could go into the crowd and play and the energy level was fantastic. PEI always gets good bands during the week because they usually come out this way to play Halifax on the weekend. That's alright, though, I'll take what I can get.

  • I've been in a pretty good mood the last few days, I wonder if it's connected to me not paying so much damn attention to American political blogs.

  • Last night I left my door open and the cat came in and fell asleep on my bed. But at 4am or so she decided that my hand was a mouse and started batting at it and scratching a little. I woke up and lifted the top of the bed cover fast enough to send her flying to the foot of the bed. That settled her down pretty well. Is there a 'proper' way to train a cat not to do that or is consistency of consequences good enough?

  • I've been reading some French blogs lately, my favourite so far is 20/20. I'm coming to realize that a lot of the French language the way people actually use it relies on much more idiomatic and expressive language than you ever heard on news broadcasts and CBC radio. I'm finding I'm going to my dictionary a lot more than ever before. It does feel like a good learning experience, though. And the usual descriptive phrases that are probably cliched to most francophones still seem mentally stimulating to me. Coming across all sorts of new metaphors and imagery that spark the poetic side of your mind. I forgot what was the most pleasurable part of learning a new language, limiting my exposure to more dry sources.

By al - 11:39 p.m. |

Please don't abuse your cat.

Please do double cheese your sandwich again.

"Abuse"? Awww.. I'd never actually hurt the poor thing. She can definitely handle being rolled across a bed. :)
i think i'll have tomato soup for lunch. thanks! i've been trying to think of something but everything was unappetizingly boring.
c'mon was great. i wish i found a place to put my coat sooner though. i just ended up throwing it off to the side in frustration of holding it. it's big and heavy and annoying. oh summer.. hurry!
as for kitty, if you'd like her to sleep on your bed but don't want her playing in the middle of the night, keep one of her toys near by (hidden in your bedside table or something) and when she starts to scratch at you to play just toss the toy. as long as she doesn't catch onto playing fetch.. eventually she should learn that playtime is on the floor.
if you scold her or startle her in any way, she may learn that your bed isn't so fun and will avoid it.
we did this with maud. he'd get bored and it would make him aggressive. he'd usually end up attacking one of us during the night. so we kept one of his toys upstairs and when he'd get bored we'd toss it into the hall for him. he's been really good since.
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