Thursday, March 30, 2006

Memo to IE Users

Get with the times! So I just loaded up IE today for the first time in weeks and only noticed that a long line of text was mangling the sidebar layout. I fixed the problem and then noticed that blogger's little top-bar thing is messing up the way the background black colour lines up with my masthead graphic.

I have no idea how to fix this, I learned precisely enough CSS to do this layout way back when and and danged if I'm going to figure out what blogger is doing to try and get around it right now. So just upgrade to Opera and join the rest of the world.

And you may want to reformat your computer as well, if you've been using IE for any length of time chances are it's infected beyond repair with g-d knows how much spyware and junk.

By al - 8:53 p.m. |

I use IE, and will plan on using IE until they stop making it, or the 60-70% of the interwebbernets people stop using it, designing css, HTML,php, web sites, and so on comptabile with it.

I have used both simple .txt pads and Front page along with Adobe Creative Suite for my css and HTML work. There are code work arounds out there that will allow generally any site to display and view properly in a majority of browsers if one wished to find it. You'd think a designer would wish to make a site to catch all viewers, regardless of what they are using to view it with.

I don't know what version of IE you loaded, but this journal has always looked aligned and well made. And we have *never* been infected through using IE as a browser. Nor do we get pop ups.

My 2 cents.
Do you know the problem with that mentality is? There's about 60-70% other people that use IE solely because that reason. IE is the bane of the internet. It does not adhere to web standards, nor does it attempt to. I use Firefox on a daily basis, but Opera is currently the most standards-compliant browser.

Ugh... FrontPage. Ya know, Microsoft makes that and guess what? It makes pretty non-compliant html last I checked. Works great when viewed in IE, but other browsers....

Funny how you talk about code work-arounds. That's exactly the point of "standards". So people can concentrate on content and not spend all their time on work-arounds. If all web browsers were standard compliant, a web site will catch all viewers. Think about it.

I've seen many IE/Windows users that have been infected. You're either a very small minority or the majority that are and unaware of the problem.
Back in teh early days of Mozilla Suite betas there were quite a few sites taht didn't look right on non-IE browswers, but lately I'm not having any problems at all. I can even do banking with two different banks using Opera.

IE's rendering engine is starting to show its age, like when you switch back to an IE screen and it takes a visible fraction of a second to redraw the page.

If an independent software company was trying to push IE on users it would be long considered abandonware.

That said, I still see by the referrer logs that about 60% of this site's visitors use IE. (still a better ratio than the wider internet, way to go Hallwegians. :) ) so if I can do something to make it look better on IE then I'll try to. The biggest problem seems to be with large images or long lines of unbroken characters pushing the sidebar over. In Firefox and Opera the sidebar stays where I put it :)
if i'm doing my math correctly 47% of my veiwers are using some version of firefox and 43% are using IE.

when i first started blogging IE was by far the dominant one. nice to see something other than IE catching up.

ps. the rest: 5% use safari, 4% use opera, and 3% use mozilla
4% Holla!
i'm i'm fairly sure that whole %4 is all you.
CSS compliance is a beautiful thing!

When developping for Opera and Firefox.. things go easy..

Add IE to the mix and..... well... usually it's ouch.
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