Saturday, March 25, 2006

Looks Like Ignatieff Is Going For It

Michael Ignatieff will give a 'vision speech' on Thursday in Ottawa.

The former Harvard professor and rookie Liberal MP is expected to outline his views on national unity, the economy and his controversial support of the war in Iraq in his speech on Canada and its role in the world to University of Ottawa political-science students.

The speech will be followed, either Friday or early the next week, by a formal announcement in his Toronto riding of Etobicoke-Lakeshore that he wants to succeed Paul Martin as leader of the Liberal Party.

I know a lot of people don't like him for initially supporting the invasion of Iraq, but despite that position I still think he would make a very good prime minister. I would much rather have an intellectual as prime minister than a politician, if someone whom I respect has a diffreent position from me I can expect him or her to look at changing circumstances and take some reasonable action in response, this is better than having a less capable person who might happen to have the same opinions as I do.

I've always complained that politics seems to attract the worst kinds of people, businessmen wanting to dismantle regulations, busybodies looking to impose their morals on the rest of society, slimy weasels who are good at networking andcampaigning and not much else. Frankly someone who hasn't spent the last 20 years mired in the political world, but instead studying history, would be a Godsend.

There are certainly other intellectuals I would much rather see in political leadership positions, but we're not actually in a position to be choosy here.

All that said, I still think David Suzuki should giver politics a go, and not some Green Party protest gesture, either, but actually going into the heart of government and making real change. What Canadian outside of Alberta wouldn't vote for him?

By al - 1:49 p.m. |

Why not think about politics yourself Al. I can be your oposition...heheh
I wouldn't know since I am a foreigner, but any man who can admit their mistakes seems like a natural leader to me.
There's a great write-up of Ignatieff's career and accomplishments here.

Personally I love the idea of him on the floor of parliament asking tough questions to some cowboy or former Harris lackey Conservative cabinet minister. Mopping up the blood from them slitting their own throats will be a full-time job.
Ignatieff is going to have a rough road in the leadership contest with Warren Kinsella riding his butt.
The political-ass-kicking Liberal attack dog (as he's usually described) is supporting Kennedy, I think. He was a nightmare for Paul Martin over the last 3 years, and now he's apparently turning his guns on "Iggy".
I enjoy Kinsella most of the time but his hit piece on Ignatieff simply took a few statements and twisted them around. I'm not sure how much credit to give him for the disintegrating of the Liberals under Martin, I think it was more a case of him sitting on the lawn making popcorn while the house burned down.

I wonder who'll be paying Warren to be a political advisor in the upcoming leadership race, and if he'll disclose this fact before or after starting to openly advocate for them. I'm sure he can't wait to get back into that line of work, I don't think books about the history of Canadian punk rock are making him rich. (Though I would actually like to read it.)
Here's the full text of his speech today: Link.
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