Monday, April 03, 2006

Opera + Blogger now a happy marriage

OK, I was about to make a post and just realized that my blogger interface in Opera has all the buttons! w00 for buttons!  This was basically the last thing I kept Firefox around for, so this es excellent news.  I don't know if it was a lot of hard work on the part of blogger to get Opera to finally work or if it was just some tweak they had to put in but either way I'm happy . I know Opera's Javascript implementation isn't praised very often, but I don't seem to have trouble on many other sites so who knows.

Anyway, what I was going to write about was hearing Eddie Greenspon interviewed on CBC news today.  He's the lawyer for the son of the Canadian couple who were murdered in Mexico recently.  He mentioned that he was very appalled by the Mexican president's assertion that Mexico is as safe a place to be for Canadians as Canada is. He mentioned that Mexico has the fifth highest murder rate and the highest manslaughter rate in the wolrd.

Yep, definitely looking forward to my trip down there.  And I was only thinking about the sharks up to this point.  Katherine should have pushed "the gentle island" as a wedding destination a little harder. It's not like the groom's family couldn't afford to come up here.

By al - 2:47 p.m. |

Jeepers, fifth highest murder rate? I would have never guessed that.
i wonder what was #1-4..
So yeah, either of you pretty ladies wanna be my date for this wedding? ;)
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