Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Practice for Al

1) The song “Barette’s privateers” by Stan Rogers there are two sailing ships mentioned. What are their names?

2) single celled organism often have hair like structures on their out cell membrane. What are theses structures called.

3) The oldest living tree is around 4767 years old, according to it’s growth rings. What kind of tree is it? Where it is found?

4)On Nov 5th 1605 this man and several companions were involved in a plot to blow up the London parliament buildings with 36 barrels of this?

5) “An historical and statistical account of the isle of man” written by Joseph Train of Castle Douglous includes a mythical creature know as a cabbit which is suppose to be the result of breeding between these two animals.

6) Elizabeth Tutor became queen in what year? How old was she?
BONUS: who was the monarch before her?

7) Hg is the chemical for what element?

8)This famous children’s author can also be credited for discovering the symbiotic relation ship between fungus and algae (know as lichen).

9) In Greek mythology Zeus had 9 daughters with Mnemosyne. They are know as the muses. What are there names?

10) IN the Bill Cosby show there are 4 daughters and 1 son, name all 5 children of Cliff and Claire Huxtable.

11) What is the current official capital of Cote Ivoire? What year did it become capital?

Let's see how you do.

By Sabrina - 9:45 p.m. |

Greek mythology and british monarchs kick my ass. Did well on the rest.
1)Antelope & Yankee

2) cilia or flagellum
3) Bristle cone pine in methyselah
4 Guy fox. gun powder
5)cat and rabbits (genetic anomaly resulting in longer than normal hind legs on bob tailed cats such as manx)
6)1558, 25 years old and Mary Tutor, her half sister.
8)Beatrix Potter (Petter Rabbit)
9)Calliope, clio, Erato, Euterpe, Melpomene, Polyhymenia, Terpsichore, Thalia, Urania
10) Rudy, venessa, Theo, Denise, Sondra
11)Yamoussoukro in 1983
Translating sabrina's spelling into English: (sorry ;) )

yankee wasn't really a name.

what the hell is methyselah? do you mean malaysia?

guy fawkes, guy being short for guido (he was italian)


sorry question 3 is Bristlecone pine or Methesulah in the US portion of the Rockys.
Methulseleh is the name of the tree. Not the species, just the one. Comes from the Bible, in the mind-numbingly long portion of Genesis where this guy lived so many years, and begat this guy, who lived so many years, and begat this guy.... one of those was Methulseleh, and he lived longer than any other human, and 'walked with God'.

Didn't know it was a Bristlecone Pine, though.... I thought it was a Sycamore.
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