Monday, October 31, 2005

today in the world of a chemist

Today was one of those days that you wish you could have missed. You know like been sick, or slept through cause you alarm didn't go off.

But here is the story. Just for your enjoyment.

Originally I had planned on working on this reaction. It would run today and be over before the end of the day. My white powder would land on a freeze dryer and all would be good. But then I started to put the pieces of today together. I had a meeting with one guy about Batch records. That took up about 1 hour this morning. Then I had my annual review (I hate those) :argue: Usually involves the supervisor telling us all the stuff we did wrong including a low yield last week and a mathematical mistake back in May. By the time they finish with you you feel like Hell. :pokey: You really think they are going to fire your ass and be done with you. Then they give you a meets jobs expectation. :hmmmm:

But that was not the best part of my day. This started early. I went looking for a batch record I had been working on. Because we have a policy of not leaving things on bench tops or on the top of a desk I put it in a drawer. I was positive I put it there. But in this morning it was not there.:helpsmilie: I looked hi and low for this thing. I couldn't piece together where it might have gone. I check with everyone I had given a piece of paper to on Friday and even today. To double check that it had not gotten stuck to something else. I checked fridges, and solvent storages, I checked recycling bins and garbage cans. I checked the NMR room and the photocopeir. I triple checked every pile of papers and data on my desk at least five times. Then opening a drawer I caught sight of a something white under the drawer.

NO WAY.....NOT FAIR. I went and got a flash light and sure enough stuck behind the drawers was a think pile of paper. MY Batch record. I tried to get the drawers out. Even had one of the other girls from work help me with it. GRRRRRRR. I could not get them out. My hand could not reach it.
:irked: So in the end I found the longest pair of tweezers I could find. and got my hand in as far as I could. And luckily I got the fucking thing out. This was of coarse three in the afternoon. The day mostly wasted, yet finally I got it done. I could get some work done.

That is one day in the life of a scientist....

thought we could have a thread were people just vent out the day at work...if you feel the need.

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