Friday, October 28, 2005

Memos: “Consultant at Life”

  • Last night Willy and Sheenaberries and Taylor were eating supper at Pat & Willy's (no relation) after a nice visit with Pants. Sheena was complaining because she's scared that her boyfriend was wanting to cook for her, because she's a messy eater. I started thinking of recipes that don't produce messy food, and Willy said “wow, that's brilliant, Al, you should be a consultant at life.” I wonder how well that would pay, people could just come and ask for advice on random things and I'd just say the first thing that came to my head. Sort of like a real life version of Ask MetaFilter.

  • Was having a bit of an on-and-off discusision here at the commons, actually it's happening as I type this. Something that came up was the idea of who's responsibility it is to make some location wheelchair or otherwise accessible. Someone The important things I thought of on that front were that even if you think it's just one person that will need all of this work that might need to be done, that then opens it up for any number of other people who might not have even asked about it before. Also, for every special break that someone might get in the form of subsidied rennovations, there are 10 things they've had to fight extra hard to get on their own.

    I mentioned my only recently starting to notice things like that even though a building may be technically accessible, oftentimes no thought was really put into the way things work. For example, a bathroom's door might be wider to accomodate a wheelchair, but often the doors are so heavy as to make them extremely difficult to open.

  • I seem to have grown the ability to be a coffee snob if I want to, being able to tell subtle differences between different kinds of coffee, tell if they were roasted properly and if the beans were fresh, etc. But that still doesn't stop me from downing a whole pot of Maxwell House during the run of a day. I don't even really have a caffeine addiction, it's more that I have beome accustomed to the routine of doing a bit of work, taking a sip of that comforting warm liquid, and then continuing.

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