Monday, October 31, 2005

The Great Questions Answered

Sonic or Mario?

Sonic. BLAST PROCESSING, bitches.

Analogue stick or pad?

Pad. Bleeding thumbs beat carpel tunnel syndrome any day.

Best Mario 2 character?

Toad, ever try and fight the last boss with Princess's weak-ass lifting ability? I did. Once.

Best video game music?

Super Mario Bros. 3, just for the hip-hoppy underground theme.

Memory card: yay or nay?

Battery backup cartriges, the only way to go. No way my VMU is going to still work in 20 years.

Best fighting game of all time.

Virtua Fighter 2 on the Saturn. Fuck yes, Saturn. Shut up.

Best Street Fighter character.

Sagat. I eat your showryukens for breakfast.

Best multi-player game of all time.


By al - 4:29 p.m. |

I was always Cammy....but mostly because she was sexy.
Sweet god damn was she ever.
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