Saturday, November 12, 2005

In preperation for Tuesday

1) In Canada how long does a couple have to live together to before they are considered to be in a common law marriage?

2) In 1809 Napolean Bonaparte, held a contest to find a way to preserve food for his army. The winner won by sealing food in glass jars. What was his name? What invention still used today did this lead to?

3) In South Korea the Prime minister is chosen by its president. Who is currently South Korea’s Prime Minister?

4) The planet mars has two small satellites which orbit near the Martian surface. One at approximately 9 Km the other around 23 Km. What are they called?

5) In Greek Mytholgy there is the Graeae, which are know as the three old woman,. They have only one touth and one eye which they share between eachother. What are their names?

6) IN the Novel Moby Dick by Herman Melville at the Spouter-inn. Ishmael, meets a Harpooner who had been out selling a head that night. This same Harpooner would become a good friend to Ishmael. What is the name of this Harpooner?

7) This African river actually creates a natural ravine at the border of Zimbabwe and Zambia, one bank is Zambia and the other bank belongs to Zimbabwe. What River is it?

8) Who was Pharaoh before The famous Cleopatra VII?

9) Henry the 8th had six wives of them three of the gave him children that survived, at for a short period of time. The Childrens names were:
What are the mother’s names.

10)The Town of Kensington PEI was given the modern name in 1862 and was incorporated in 1914. What was Kensington name before 1862?

By Sabrina - 10:07 p.m. |

1) one year

2) Appert, battery


4) Phobos and Diemos


6) quiequaig (spelling probabl ywrong)

7) Zambezi


9) Katherine of Aragon
Ann Boleyn
Jane Seymour

PS. you for got Henry Fitzroy, but that wasn't by one of his wives.

PPS. My wild-ass guess about the etymology of 'Fitzroy' is 'bastard son of a king' 'roy => roi'
1) 12 months continuous ( probably give it to you...but the lesgislation clearly indicates, with a lot of wording that it must be continuously, only exception are vacation or biness trips
2) Nicolas Appert, Tin Can
3) Lee Hai Chan (spelling debatable, a few sources showed different spellings)

5)Enyo (horror), Deino (dread) and Pemphredo (alarm).
6)Queequeg (spelling out of the novel)
8) Ptolemy XII
9) chose the wording carefully to be children of his wives
10 )Barrett’s Cross ( for the family that had build an inn there, That initiated a settlement)
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