Thursday, November 10, 2005

Tunes for Tots

Had a really great time last night at the Tunes for Tots event at Hunter's. It was put on by my friend Cory as a way to raise money to buy presents for kids spending Christmas at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital. I'm really impressed with how well it turned out.

The performances, acoustic stuff from Donovan Morgan & Laura Pineau, Mike Amelia and Nikkie, plus the two bands, Out from Under and Officer Girl were excellent. Best bill of purely local music I've heard in ages. On a side note, Nikkie is up for a PEI music award this year. Since she gave me a ride home last night I would suggest that if you are a voting member of the PEI Music Awards Association that you vote for her for Best Pop Recording. (Or also because the album is good, either reason is acceptable.)

The best part was that I won 2 door prizes, one was 2 mugs, some free coffee and a perfume pack, and the other prize was a $50 gift certificate from FutureShop. So next time you see me I'm gonna be smellin' nice.

Everyone was in a really good mood last night and were happy that this went so well. When I find some pictures I'll post a link in my links on the sidebar.
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