Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Typical. . . .

Got the major things done around the house. Starting to focus on the little details, like getting the ethernet jacks in the house working. I got the wall plates around the house done last week, but the ends in the electrical closet weren't done. Found an 8-port ethernet switch at Futureshop for $20 yesterday, so I decided to get to work. I only had 4 ends and 6 drops to do. I really can't tell which drop goes where so it's a bit of a guessing game which one I should connect. There's only 2 drops I really want connected right now, the one that's by my router and the one in my room where my laptop is. Figures. . . the 2 drops I didn't have ends for are the 2 I wanted connected. I sometimes wonder about being born on Friday 13th. I'm horrible at games of chance. My track record for guessing on a multiple choice test is awful. About the only luck I do have usually comes at the expense of someone else.

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