Thursday, October 20, 2005

Trivialities and Work Connections

Had a fun night at Trivia last night. Still really frustrated with the questons that NotSteveForbes asks. She doesn't really have the head for trivia, she'll see some factlet in a magazine and just copy it down without verifying it. This time one of the mistakes she made was 'what is the largest object ever to fly?'. The answer she gave was the International Space Station. 2 problems with that: 1) it doesn't fly, it falls. The moon doesn't fly, either. and 2) It's not true. The Hindenburg was bigger.

Also she asked a question of who was the only SNL cast member to be nominated for a best actor Academy Award. She said Robert Downy Jr., but I'm almost certain Bill Murray was nominated for Lost in Translation. Methinks the issue of Entertainment Weekly she was reading was a tad out of date. That's the problem, though, she doesn't verify her questions, she just goes with the first source she finds.

Still had a fun night, though. A dude who works for a company who's owners we met and got to know at WWDC was with us, and he and I talked and geeked out totally, even left the other members of the nerd squad baffled. It was pretty funny. Talked about what it's like to work in Europe, doing web development vs. writing applications. We much prefer application development, which is kind of a pain since all the business seems to be for web stuff, but I've always found that a little boring.

I think tomorrow I'm gonna try and get Taylor to come to Entertianment Trivia at Punter's. Last time we had a perfect score after the first round . Since I'm not planning on going anywhere else except maybe poke my head in to the Jam Night at Piazza Joe's I think we could stay and beat the pants of f of the big cell phone-using teams.

Update: As usual I posted the questions and answers to the Trivia Blog. Link.

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