Monday, October 17, 2005

Karl Childress on the Radio

Karl Childress is the person on which the main character in the movie Slingblade is based. Apparently he's still around, released from the 'nervous hospital', and is an occasional caller on Mike Malloy's liberal radio talk show. He's pretty much funny as all hell.

Here's the audio of last Friday's show: Link. (audio/mp3) Skip to 1:07 to hear Karl's call. He has some pretty gold lines, like "I had a rock the vote campaign last year, but it was a little different. .. I would write notes telling people how to vote and then attach them to rocks and throw them through windows."

Funnily enough I find it re-assuring that Slingblade swings left.

By al - 5:24 p.m. |

That was kinda humourous, but a little too contrived, I thought. Which makes me wonder... are we sure it's not just a gag? Is Karl Childress just the Parkdale Doris of Air America?
Therein lies the mystery.
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