Friday, October 07, 2005

Lappy 5.0 gets a name: Starling

Computer naming is the only creative outlet left for system and network administrators. The most awful thing an IT department can do is prevent some poor, overworked IS worker from using his imagination at all by introducing some lame naming scheme like 'names of trees' or numbering system for computers in a lab or workgroup.

I've decided that all my laptops need to be named after birds. The last one was ‘bluejay’, because of the snazzy blue lid. This one is going to be ‘starling’ because it's black but not quite deserving of the awesomeness that a name like ‘raven’ would imply. Also, my machine when I worked at NVision had the name ‘raven’, and it was a venerable old workhorse, so I'll leave the name to it.

I've named the desktop systmes I've had ‘existenz’, ‘gandalf’ and ‘olddog’. No real pattern there.

By al - 7:21 p.m. |

I name all my system based on my D&D characters or NPC personalities when I DM.
I dust off my Japanese-English dictionary when I name my PCs. In the past I've used the Japanese words for "tool", "goddess", and "strength".
I name all my computers after dead musicians:
Firewall is Elvis Preseley
Webserver is Buddy Holly (and when I had to swap in the backup HD it was known as the crickets)
My old (as of last night) desktop was Barry White
Old firewall was Johnny Cash
Mel's laptop is Ella Fitzgerald

Now I need to find a name for my new toy (iBook) I'm pretty sure that a laptop is a female so I need a good female rocker to name it after
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