Sunday, October 23, 2005

Memos: TV is way better when no one's watching

This rarely-to-never happens but I sort-of woke up with the TV on at 6am this morning and just kind of laid in bed half-awake. A new observations:
  • Ashlee Simpson is seriously even stupider than her sister. I know, but it's actually true.
  • Theresa Roncon, former host of Much Music's metal show, the “Power 30” (who apparently started her showbiz career as the receptionist at the (?Toronto?) radio station Q107, is now hosting a kids science show, “Kids@Discovery”. I expect science test scores among young lads to go way way up. Also, dear Theresa, I will still marry you. Seriously. I don't care how many STDs you got from Ugly Kid Joe. I don't even care that you probably never even liked metal. (Seeing Bill Wylichka get super excited while intro'ing videos because Anthrax was setting up to do your show, while you were all blasé about such things was always funny.)
  • Reading about the Milgram experiment is one thing, but actually seeing tape of regular people voluntarily administering torturous levels of electric shock to a stranger because a perceived authority figure told them to makes me think signing up for the voluntary human extinction movement is probably for the best.
  • Wow, Kashtin is actually being interviewed and featured on Much More Music. This is what they should have at an hour when people are watching instead those idiotic list shows. I first heard of Kashtin from my grade 7 French Immersion teacher. It kind of addles me a bit now to think that she actually had a pretty eclectic taste in music. Frightening. The song they're playing now sounds like Leonard Cohen and Gowan singing a duet in Innu.

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