Friday, October 21, 2005

A few things that still make me laugh

Okay I was at my desk at work, and random thoughts were passing through my head as I did the mindless paper work we have to do every day. There were a few which were hilarious. Here a few things I have witness that make me laugh still today even though some of them have been years since they occurred.

1) I was having a party at my place, a few group of people mostly grad students that I worked with, a few other people as well. The day was going great. We were chatting in little groups which often happens when parties are in progress. I was having a great time, laughing at various people watching the interaction between several different groups of friends. It was so fun. Then in the middle of a conversation, I don't really remember a girls I knew from the graduate student union burst out, "I had sex in this house". The place went silent, people stopped talking in mid word. Then the laughter burst out. My guts hurt by the time I regained control to asked "What?" She had managed to cease the thought process of everyone in the room.
The story was simply her X lived at the place I was living in some time in the past.

2)It was Christmas time, and me my sister and Jamie were at mom and dad's place. My dog Chenook, was asleep in front of the chair I was sitting in. I was watching TV but at the first commercial, I noticed the dog and like an impulse from the heavens in one leap I rocked out of the chair landed on my hands and knees on either side of the dog and yelled "nookie" (don't say anything the dog was named when I was 11). Chenook left the ground and I think his feet found the ground about the time he reached the kitchen. I had never seen an animal move so fast. He turned the corner toward the bed rooms then stopped and came back to see what it was that had scared him so bad. For about a minute Jamie, myself and my mother were dead silent then we all toppled over in laughter, it took us all several minutes to regain composure, and most of the day before Chenook would come see me again. Kim tells me that Jamie laughed half the night at that. I know I giggle on and off the rest of the night.

3)It was either good time oldies Tuesdays or Nothing but Country Thursday at work, either way in the lab we have different stations on through out the week. Patsy Cline "Crazy" was playing on the radio. I was half paying attention to the song as I was doing some little task. Ben one of my lab mates was at the balance weighing something out. Then the spirit moved him in a loud male voice (trying to sound female) he belts out the word "Crazy" to the sound of the song, to go with the serenade he adds in a hip shimmy to the beat of the music. I looked at him dumbfound for about a 10th of a second then I nearly fell to the ground laughing, the others in the lab too, I had tears in my eyes, I couldn't help it.

4)It was summer and we were out playing Volley ball at work, for lunch. The same Ben from above has his turn to serve the ball, in a way on Ben can do, he winds up like cartoon baseball player shimmies those hips again and hits the ball, my team his team was way to busy laughing at him to even contemplate returning the serve. In response to all of us missing the ball, he shoots his imaginary guns and does a bit of a victory dance. It definitely lifted the mood of the work day.

5) Not quite as funny but popped in my head as cute. It was at trivia a few weeks ago, and the four people at the table including myself were in deep conversation about some most likely useless then like dogs we all stop talking and take a sniff of the air. The smell of was an interesting substance, many people enjoy.

There are few things I want to mention here even though I have only heard the stories not actually seen them.

1) My brother in Law's sister in law. Had a cat that apparently had eaten the tinsel of the tree, or something like that. The sister in law saw a piece of the tinsel hanging out of the cat's but, and decided to pull it out. Apparently it was like a wind of cat, the horrible meow came from the cat's mouse as the tinsel was removed and the cat took off like a shot.

2) An old roommate of mine is from Newfoundland, and as everyone knows they have Black dog Beer there. Well, they had been putting the name of Newfoundland communities on the caps. Now she had been wanting a cap from her home town. At a party while talking to a friend and proclaims this "I can't find a Dildo" meaning a cap with her home town of Dildo. I couldn't hold back the laugh when I heard the story, I can't imagine the laugh at a party filled with people who probably don't know that she was from Dildo Newfoundland.

There are so many things that happen to us that make us laugh, I hope to keep hearing and seeing them for many more years.

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