Saturday, October 22, 2005

Dream Diary: Sandcastles and Pink Monsters


I am going to a weekend-long music festival in the fall. Am with Pants and a couple of others. Someone I don't know knocks on our door and wonders if she could crash in our place for the night.

The thing is happening next to a beach, that sort of looks like the shore by my cottage. Scene switch to being on the beach. My former boss's baby is there by himself playing in the water. I go over and show him how to make sandcastles and how to use anything you can find to make them with. I find an ice cube tray and use that as well.

Scene switch to the next day. I'm at work at some job, looks like it's in the ATC. This is Sunday. I am talking with someone saying that I want to skip out eary to catch the rest of whatever it was I was supposed to be at in the previous part of the dream.

I'm standing on queen street at night, except I am playing a first-person shooter game and not simply walking around, so I can move incredibly quickly and can move from side to side with just a thought. Sort of like I'm flying through the scene. The parkade is fully lit and i cruise around there for a while.

I remember that I can get in to the Commons, right next to the parkade, so I go up to the door and open it. Inside the porch there is a cupboard that I open up and find some powerups which I collect, and a note with a clue to how to get somewhere on it.

Everything is laid out like it's supposed to be, but has a cartoony, highly saturated look to it.

Inside just on the right is a little corridor that I hadn't seen before. It's half-height and leads downward. Halfway down I run into one of those pink monsters from Doom, I kill it with a couple of punches that look just like the punch from Doom. As I kill him, I notice another one attacking me from the side, it doesn't hurt but I realize I've been hurt by noticing my health number is going down. I start to panic as I see more, kill a few and race to the end of the little hallway I've come in to. At the end of the hall there is an area where more and more of the pink monsters are being spawned into existance. I decide it's time to get out of there but there is a sea of the monsters between me and the corridor back up to the main floor.

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