Friday, October 21, 2005

Memos: Opera is the new Firefox

  • OK, screw Firefox. It just crashed on me and I lost the post I was writing. Opera is a better browser, anyway. Faster, less of a system hog, snappier user interface and a zoom function that scales up images along with the text size. I've been using it for a while now, but they've just released the full, ad-free version for free. Go download it and give it a try. My only complaint about it is that blogger's nice WYSIWYG composer doesn't work in it.

  • I've been waiting for nearly two weeks now for my order from I ordered a Logitech USB Mic and some RAM. Their service is quite slow, and I'm finding that's pretty usual for discount computer parts websites like, lower listed prices but really slow service and expensive shipping rates. If Futureshop had a better selection I'd do all my electronic shopping on their website, but they're moving to a boutique style where they might list max 10 items of a certain kind. It's not to the extreme extent that Apple has done with their Apple Store selection where they'll carry what they consider to be the best item in a given category only, but you'll not find any digital cameras for under $200, for example. It's too bad Amazon doesn't sell electronics on their Canadian site.

By al - 6:18 p.m. |

not sure about that.. I would love to get opera to work for me.. the people that use it rave! I have not had it work for me yet.. what version are you using.. I have what I think is the newset Opera8
more info about what i have installed

Version information
Version 8.5
Build 1358
Platform Linux
System i686, 2.6.10
Qt library 3.3.4
Java Java Runtime Environment installed
actually it seems to work now.. shit the zoom feature rocks!!! :D

going to try this out for a while...
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