Thursday, October 06, 2005

first day?

I made it. No weird plane things happened...We actually landed early. Yeah!!!!
My friend Darryl met me at the airport. Good thing too, cause I would have been lost. We got back to his place and then we went shopping. There was lot's of interesting shops including a huge Godiva, selling chocolate fruit cups...I couldn't resist.
Darryl took me for a little walk down the streets. It was neat too. All the lights were really interesting. Then we found ourselves at bar and there was STRONGBOW on tap and I got a nice big pint....Yeah!!!!! Picture to come.
More stories to come I am sure.

By Sabrina - 11:49 p.m. |

Head winds are nice. . . so are pilots with a lead foot :-p Actually, I'm not too sure how a pilot can have a lead foot as the controls for how fast a plane goes aren't there and the plane pretty much flies itself with the autopilot on. And yes, the AP does fly at the speed you set it to.
I see Al beat me on deleting those ad comments. . . .
I also turned off anonymous commenting. If you want to leave a comment just sign up for a blogger User ID, you don't need to start a blog or anything, just get a username and password.
I don't think that's going to stop them. I think 2 of the 3 ad comments that were attached to this post were registered users.
they had user names and URLs but that's different from being registered, blogger lets you put those in without being registered if your blog allows anonymous comments.
Anyway if it keeps up there's also a 'word verification' thing now which we can turn on. Hopefully it won't be necessary.
OK, Ming you were right, I was still getting comment spam from registered blogger users, so here's the word verification enabled.

Weekend assignment: Kick a spammer in the face for jesus.
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