Saturday, October 01, 2005

amazingly stuck

Sabrina's roommate today.

amazingly stuck, originally uploaded by dragonofsea.


By al - 2:39 p.m. |

Like, wow. I've heard it happening to other blogs, but I think this is the first time we've been hit by ad marketers.

The first line really gives it away. . . this blog is utter crap. Better put, the authors of this blog just shoot the shit and post random thoughts on a whim.

Just thinking, what other strange blog spammers would be posting here if Tuan was still posting here? *shivers*

BTW, that's a nasty looking pic. Was there alcohol involved? Or just a case of "that ditch just ran out in front of me!" :-p I hope the car is okay.
No Alcohol involved, my roomate was actually parked infront of me in the drive way and thought he could scoot around. didn't work as you can. I was in the kitchen doing the dishes he could have asked me to move.

So a case my brain has left my head.
"that ditch just ran out in front of me" that was gold.

but sheesh, hope all involved (car included) are well.
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