Sunday, October 02, 2005

Dream Diary: Advantage: 4 wheel drive

As I was writing a comment to this post on Jenna's blog I remembered that last night I had a dream that I was being chased by a bear who could drive a jeep.

I was standing just past the end of a driveway and was remembering in my head the various things you learn about what bears will and won't do and how to get out of a situation with them. Then I hear this jeep coming up the road, and I know that a grizzly bear is driving it. So I run behind this house. It's fall / early winter and there are patches of snow on the ground. I hear the door clam and the bear growling and then hear its footsteps, so I start running past this random house and try and hide behind a shed, but he knows I'm there, too.

So I start to run along the divide between two rows of houses, and eventually start running along the top of the picket fense that divides the two. If bears can drive trucks I can have superhuman balance, OK?

Then it starts to snow much much harder and I fall off the fence and land face first in the snow, and then wake up.
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By al - 7:44 p.m. |

Golf equipment??? WTF? Alright, who the hell on this blog golfs? Al, should we be doing something about this ads showing up in the comments?
I've noticed an upsuing in blogger comment spam all across blogger-powered blogs. (it's been a big problem for self-hosted moveable-type and wordpress blogs for a while now, but up til now blogger was immune. Not sure what to do about it yet other than just continue to delete them. (We can delete any comment on teh board by clicking on the trash can icon below the comment, the icon appears when you've logged in to blogger.)
i've just recently switched to blogger power and haven't had any spam yet. *knocks on wood* but i also use haloscan for my comments. perhaps that may also make a difference.

oh, and al, i've just downloaded the halifax concert. holy effing amazing. i'm completely taken back to that night. i keep saying OMG I WAS TOTALLY SINGING RIGHT THERE AND SCREAMING YEAH!! when he lets the crowd take over for a moment during animal, i remember going absolutely nuts. and during jeremy where he sings "such a harmless little fuck" i don't think i've ever swore with such viggor.
i can't wait to hear the next concert! i hear you guys had quite the show ;)
i can't wait until they go on tour again!
I want to hear both those shows... when my laptop's back in workin gorder I'll be needing music library re-stocking as well...
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