Thursday, October 06, 2005

Ready for another trip to Halifax

In preparation for this weekend's trip to Halifax to see KMFDM I ate a double donair today. The food poisoning should kick in just in time for me to get my revenge.

In other news, if I ever want to go anywhere again I'm bringing along a friend who can get me an employee discount at a hotel. Holy eff. I don't even want to say how cheap we got our rooms for.

Any more suggestions for things to do in Halifax during the day?

I still find it funny that I'm going away on thanksgiving weekend when everyone else is going home.

As soon as I get my new (used) lappy tomorrow I'm going to actually go and download a couple of their newer albums like WWIII so I don't just find myself waiting for them to play something familiar. They've apparently gone down the metal road a lot more lately, moreso than the out-there industrial style they had in the mid-90s. Should make for a great live experience.

Though they damn well better play a track or two from Nihil. If I were them I'd open every show with “Ultra” but I'll be going on this trip with a couple of actual fans, so I'm going to keep my time-frozen opinions behind a sheild of irony. When the rock snob is clearly in over his head, detachment becomes the order of the day. I'm still gonna have a hella rockin' time though. I don't know what the Attic will be with a full crowd for such a show. Could get kind of nuts. I'm wondering if I should leather-up my wardrobe to fit in.
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By al - 12:49 a.m. |

funny...Al all done up in leather and chains..hehehehe
You know me, such a fashion plate.
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