Thursday, October 06, 2005

Thanksgiving Trips. . . .

Wow. This is really strange. I also will be gone for the Thanksgiving weekend. Doing the trek to Nova Scotia for the final two regional autosalom events of the year with Greg. Two guys, two cars, a whole lot of tires. I get 2 attempts to surpass my class leader before he moves up in class next year, so I've been practicing. Got the overall fastest time of day (FTD) last weekend which was a good start. Greg beat me by 0.1 seconds with the PAX factored in. . . not bad, but I still have to work on that. It's better when I can beat Greg on both raw and weighted times.

Saturday, we're at the Atlantic Motosports Park (AMP). Sunday, the Home Depot in Dartmouth. Monday back to Moncton to move into the new house. I'll post more info on that later. that said, expect my webserver to be down sometime next week as I physically move it from my sister's place to it's new home. Not sure if I'll be moving in Monday or later in the week. Outage might be in the order of days. . . .

By Ming - 9:36 a.m. |

If you've not got any big plans for Saturday night they might still be selling KMFDM tickets either at CD Plus or at the door that day (The Attic on Grafton St.)
Hmmm. . . I was going to hang out with the FMC crew, but if the guys aren't doing anything I can see if I can convince some of them to come.
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