Tuesday, October 04, 2005


Quote of the day from e.co, while sitting at Rum Runners eating lunch when we tried to think of something and got out the laptop to check the web:

“It feels like we're from the future.”

This is how spoiled having free wireless internet all over the place makes you, when you have to rely on your own brain to remember something.

We were brainstorming ideas for a program we want to build, getting more and more animated and enthusiastic as the idea went from "I wish I had a program for X" to "oh, you could solve that using this..". There may have been public high-fiving.

I've been without a laptop for the last few days, the old thing's basically given up the ghost, I think. CD drive that won't read data CDs + broken hinge + unreliable power + hard drive that corrupts random files == not a work machine anymore. I'm going to have to get a used one to do a job I already agreed to (but which will cover the costs of it easily, thankfully.) then I'm gonna make the move and get an iBook. All the software I want to actually build from scratch seems to hook into OS X's multimedia abilities, and it's pretty easy to make well-organized, gorgeous-looking software with the Apple developer tools.

Also, it seems that Mac users still want to actually try software, not yet frightened that any new program they allow onto their machine will infect them with two dozen pieces of adware and retreating to web-only tools to do everything from email to organizing photos to reading RSS feeds.

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