Sunday, October 23, 2005

Best friends

It was maybe 6 or 7 month ago a friend of mine sent me an email about best friends. It talked about the best friends as little girls then as teenagers and finally in adult hood.

my thoughts wonder through all the "best friends" I have had. It helps that Al claims about 4 people as his best friend.

I am merely 28 years old, and some days that feels a lot older/younger than it is.
I can look back and remember so many people, I called my best friend.
Why not start as the earliest, It would be Silvain (please don't ask for his last name I was 4 or 5 and it is long gone from my memory). We were young children living in military housing, we spent our days together with a couple other children in the neighborhood, most of which was playing at the play ground. His father got transferred and I was left without my best friend. A new one came up Alison Or, once school started though she and I went other ways cause she was cooler than me.

When time past and my father got transferred to PEI, I can remember a short time where there was not best friend, Chritine Lykcow filled in that spot for a time, then by grade six she and I still hung out but Jessica campbell took the place of the best friend. She came over to my place all the time, I went to hers, our parent were friends. It was quite unique.
Then dad got move again, so the new best friend became Jessica Ward and when her father got transferred it was Justin Schawger. In university it was Chantal (the very one from the Hallway), though I would say Karen Gosse took up a close second by the time I graduate. At MUN it was the Erins (there were two of them). Leading me to England were it was easily Carla Yetman. And home, where the place is shared by Al and Steve.

The common thing that all these people have is that we had fun together. Each one of them has made me laugh. The thing that they don't have in common is what made them my best friend. Each had a character of their own that I loved. Over time I have come to realize that the term best friend is not as accurate to describe the relation ship I have with these people. Friends that are the best is probably more of an ideal way to say it. I can longer separate the reasons why I love these people, I can't really explain why there names stay with me so long, why I remember silly little things like Chantal amazing James bond, fall one night while we were looking for boys, or Jessica and I sitting in a room talking about one boy.

What I can explain is that with the development of each of these relationships I have grown and developed into the person I have become, shaped by the kindness and silliness each of them have shared with me. So in truthfulness I can say that I don't have a best friend in the strictess since of the term, but I have several friend I put that title on and in my selfish way I will keep them all there as long as I can.

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for the record:

It was NOT a 'James Bond Fall" it was a mid-air summersault that was executed with the grace of a gazelle...despite the fact that we were both hammered and crashing Jones' House for boys..

I put it in a very much more crude and concise way late one strange night last summer:

"You're my best friend, you know that?"

"I thought he was." *points*

"I can have two!"
yeah, I that's pretty much what I remember
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