Monday, August 01, 2005

The 40 Knots Pub in Victoria Rules

I'm trying to figure out what's so special about the 40 Knots pub in Victoria By The Sea that made Saturday such a great time. and I arrived in Victoria and set up our tent around 8ish, and we poked our head into 40 knots just to see if anyone was there. That's when we ran into Jeff from the band Out From Under and his girlfriend Maggie. Jeff recognized me from locals message board, and that led to a really good conversation about everything music-related in Charlottetown.

The bartender, Ben, is another one to whom I got to say "I know you from the Internets." Having locals has really helped everyone's social life this Summer.

So we ate supper at 40 Knots, the food was pretty good, I just had fish'n'chips and coffee, which is hard to judge a restaurant's quality by, but it was exactly what I was after at the time.

Quite a few people ended up trickling in to see The Mystery System and Out From Under. Especially OFU, because they generally have a rather sizeable entourage that now shows up at their concerts. Probably why people like booking them, it makes for a nice friendly atmosphere and guarantees a crowd.

The idea that there was something different about the place was driven home when I found myself sitting casually on the floor of the deck outside next to a couple of other people as we were playing with this big adorable Newfoundland dog named Rupert that belonged to a someone there. Not something that you'd find yourself doing in Charlottetown. Everyone was in a good mood, people all introduced themselves to each other, there was no drama to be found anywhere, just people who either made the effort to get out there from town or people from Victoria who get to breathe that sea-side air all day long, which has to be good for the soul.

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