Friday, July 29, 2005

Memo to Mac People

Stop being so damn picky. Oh boo-hoo, a little icon appears on my desktop when I run a program. Oh tragedy! I have to push the power button to put it to sleep. Oh woe is me, the memory test takes too long and means it almost takes 20 whole seconds to boot up!

Whiners. I'm overjoyed when my Toshiba boots in less than 5 minutes and doesn't feel the need to run scandisk on my camera's memory card. Do you have any idea what it sounds like to the rest of us to hear mac people nitpicking about the icons in

“Whaa! It's not absolutely perfect! boo hoo!”

“I didn't order a bologna sandwich, I ordered an abalone sandwich!”

I'm going to recommend mandatory sensitivity training for Mac snobs, one day a week using Windows XP with the default settings. Just so they know what we all have to go through and will tone down the prissiness about icons and 'look and feel' just a touch.

Also, G's right, hanging out at Timothy's and Queen Street Commons lugging a big, clunky old PC laptop in a sea of beautiful people at beautiful little iBooks and PowerBooks is rather like showing up for church in your jogging pants.

But I still love my battered blue toshy. It puts up with me and still runs most of the time. I even bought the long suffering machine a new wireless card today. Hopefully I won't step on this one. Having a peripheral or a button on there that looks shiny and new and isn't in the process of falling off is rather nice again.

By al - 8:28 p.m. |

I'll admit, I like my iBook. Actually I love my iBook, even if it isn't perfect. But just so you know Alex, when someone walks into either Timothy's or the Queen St. Commons and crackes open one of those clunkers you speak about, I take notice. (in a good way).

Dare to be different.
You're a sweetheart, Cyn. I'm mostly just making fun of myself for being so jealous so I'm being over-the-top. :)
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