Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Unintentional Wikipedia Humour, vol. 1

g. and I have been discussing how much we enjoy the incredibly dry - to the point of possibly being serious - humour that you can find in Wikipedia. Here are a couple that I've found lately and a classic one as well.

From Holy Water:
Aside from other substances that may be added to the water as it is blessed, holy water is indistinguishable from ordinary water.[citation needed]
When hardcore believers start demanding documented proof you know the world is coming to an end.

And from the discussion page for the same article:
  • How do you on-holy hloy water? What is its exact opposite?
The opposite of holy water is cursed water, or "unholy water". To obtain it, drop bottles of tap water on a non-aligned altar (e.g. if you are Christian, use a Muslim or Buddhist altar), then pray. Note that this may be dangerous in several ways. Muad 04:15, 16 July 2007 (UTC)


I understand that holy water has a different density than normal water. What is the difference? In theory, I would assume that the molecules in holy water would have more energy, and therefore be less dense than normal water... This logic seems sound, assuming that the blessing adds energy. Doesn't this make sense?

And an old classic that some killjoy deleted, but here it is. Previously from Slacker (Subculture):

The Slacker Defense

To other people, it may appear that slackers do not do very much actual work, schoolwork, or much of anything. However, individuals considered to be slackers may in fact be very active, though not always in activities that society deems to be most important (such as writing in Wikipedia instead of getting a real job). One of the definitions of slacker is "people who are good at doing what is important to them."

And someone please tell me if there's something wrong with me that I find the entire article on Toast to be utterly hilarious. Really.

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By al - 12:20 p.m. |

Damn, I just saw this post now.

I spend a lot of my time clicking on "Random article" and reading dry descriptions of activities and objects I already know a lot about. I just read the entire article for "caught stealing" (re: baseball). I also just ended up at, "1893-94 Indian cricket season," which consists of the text, "This article is a review of the 1893-94 Indian cricket season." And that's it.

Christ, I find this stuff so hilarious. I think it really is the seriousness of the re-telling of the familiar that gets to me. There's always something funny and strange about reading about your own culture in an expository kind of way.

Wikipedia is serious business.
And man, you're right. If we were living in an RPG, praying over a bottle of holy water on the altar of the wrong religion would definitely be dangerous. You'd totally lose HP on that one.

Or perhaps awaken something in the catacombs. Whichever.
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