Saturday, August 04, 2007

Pre-reunion Thoughts

Well, I'm officially almost 30, given that I'm about to go to my high school's 10 year reunion.

But you know, the nice thing about reunions on PEI is that the actual successful people aren't here.  So one's mediocrity is more the norm. It's funny, though, but with one notable exception I haven't talked to any of those people on even a semi-regular basis since leaving high school and going off-island to university.  Even the people who went to UNB as well I never talked to, after I found my own little group of more like-minded friends.

So right now I'm sitting here listening to the thunder and the very heavy rain, giving myself enough time so that I'm not there right at the start, and feeling rather.. well.. blunt.  We'll see how that works out.

Last night I ran into and had a good conversation with someone from my graduating year that I actually did like, but he said he'd probably not be here tonight, having similar reservations as I do and less of a 'what the hell, it could be pretty funny' spirit.

Oh well, off I go.  I'll write more when I get back.


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