Tuesday, July 31, 2007

New Place

I've been off-line for a while now. Not completely offline, but just out of my usual comfortable routine and not quite able to think of things to post about. Right now I'm in the middle of deciding which I like better, living by myself, or having half my expenses paid for. I think I've found the solution in a likely roommate who will spend most of the time in his room, doesn't throw big parties and has a cat, so I get to have a cat in the house and not have to worry about it living to be 23 years old like the cat I had growing up.

The new place is pretty nice, it's on a quiet street, a bit close to the sketchy part of town, but in a nice little enclave. Last night there was a bit too much noise for my liking, the kind of people who honestly do not have any consideration for other people. Like, they might be perfectly great to each of their friends, but jsut simply don't extend any consideration of humanity to those not in their immediate view.

Anyway, that's enough complaining. Getting worked up doesn't help re-balance my sleeping schedule.

I've decided that my rule for picking a place to live is that it must be close to a Lebanese convenience store. Especially one that sells burgers. I've just recently become a fan of Cy's, his new French fries are great, and he's got scallop burgers and milkshakes and falafel. And all for less money than to get the ingredients and cook it yourself. Once or twice a week to not have to cook when it's so monstrously hot out sounds good to me.

By al - 4:39 p.m. |

I'm going away for a while but when I get back I wanna see your new place!!!!
Im tellin' ya, the place above The Lunch Counter!
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