Tuesday, August 14, 2007

PHP and Drupal

I'm no PHP expert, but I submitted my first solution to the drupal.org user support site today, which is pretty neat. Link. (scroll to the bottom - to Update #6.)

The fix gets the timezone to display properly when making a list of upcoming events in a drupal events sidebar.  I implemented it so that it followed the proper date format as specified in the site settings, rather than the default setting which was just a number representing the number of days until the event, which I don't find very useful.

I sometimes forget how great it is to work with open-source tools, since you can fix anything yourself.  On the other hand, a properly tested commercial API never would have gone out the door like that.  Stupid catch-22s.  At least it doesn't cost me anything. :)

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By al - 1:58 AM |


I think Open Source is pretty neat... I've used many different apps/scripts over the years...

Although, I've never actively participated in an open source project.

Hope things are going well with you Al!
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