Wednesday, February 14, 2007

I Hate Weather

Come on delivery truck guy, don't wimp out, my new 20" iMac is supposed to get here tomorrow and of course that's when a big storm is supposed to hit.

*Crosses fingers*

By al - 3:01 p.m. |


I've been considering a new iMac.

My 2 year old Toshiba laptop has begun overheating.

I've never owned a Mac. I'd love to buy one.
Ironically the thing that kept me with my Toshiba laptop for so long was that I was being paid to do ColdFusion development, and I was a little wary of how well Dreamweaver for Mac supported it. But now with BootCamp and being able to dual boot Windows and OS X, and Parallels which apparently lets you run windows apps on top of OS X, that's not even an issue, though I'm buying it to do Cocoa development anyway.
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