Tuesday, February 06, 2007

so the hell continues

Okay now I am on my own computer, but my hard drive has been wiped and the case to my twon is now off, because we tried replacing the net work card...I am using a boot up cd of ubuntu.
There is a reason I am a chemistry geek and not a computer geek. The reson is fear. I have no fear of hitting my computer. I can hit and through it and the worse that will happen is it will not work. In chemistry, I could burn myself, cause an explosion or hurt other people, depending on what I through. For the sanctity fo my career, I will break many fewer things when things go wrong in chemistry then I would with a computer.
Now after my short lived rant...the net work card was not the problem but the issue was related to software not hard ware. I could scream, I have nothing but doss on my computer at this point and the windows install cd I had won't boot on the cleaned up hard drive....grrrrrrrrrr.
So as Al patiently waits to get his ipod back because all of my photo and word documents on there...I remain firmly planted in electronic hell.
On a good note I bought a table and chairs (al it is a bit bigger than the size you emtnioned...but lenth wise it is shorter than I am tall and I think if we want we can tuck it under the window in the office dinning room.

By Sabrina - 5:59 p.m. |

If it's shorter than you are we can put it in the cupboard.
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