Thursday, January 11, 2007

Important Questions

Would the Sun Maid raisins lady make a good wife?

What kind of personality does she have? Is she motherly and nurturing? Or just a bit saucy?

Would working hard in the field give her a nice strong body, maybe make her a little more physically demanding in the lovemaking department?

Would she feed you grapes?

They need to print a biography in tiny letters on each box, maybe one little story at a time.

By al - 11:17 a.m. |

I looooooovvvvvvvve this post. Best thing I've ever read. Seriously. Oh my.
I assume that once that red hat comes off, she can pound back wine like it's nobodies business.

I'd bang the Green Giant anyday. giant green cock? yeah, please.
Uncle Ben has that sort of loving husband thing about him though...
favourite post of 2007
Would the Sun Maid raisins lady make a good wife? I don't know. She looks lovely at first glance. However, looking a bit closer, the slightly too rosy cheeks suggest she's been drinking. Being around grapes all the time, she likely hates wine... same goes for all those fruity drinks. Hard liquor is probably her drink of choice; Tequila maybe some Vodka. The smile, tilt of the head, small dilated eyes... she's probably a bit high as well. The way she holds the basket of grapes suggests that she is neither very strong or motherly/nurturing. Someone motherly would cradle the basket from underneath. That said, she's probably quite the treat once the hat comes off!
These are good questions. I have seen her so often and have never pondered such things..... ;-)

De-lurking. Got here via Cynthia Dunsford's blog and have been reading for a while.

We went to high school together and I was at Jon Gillis' birthday party, and I was gonna (re-)introduce myself, but I didn't know if you'd remember me, and I chickened out.

Anyway, keep it up, I love reading your posts!

The raisins are from California, and knowing that she is picking grapes means you can know with almost absolute certainty that she is a migrant worker....

So for a green card and the proper promises of a better life, she'd make any kind of wife you want...
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