Monday, January 22, 2007

Computer Maintenance Resumes

The laptop finally pissed me off enough to rebuild it. I spent most of last week backing up the hard drive and documenting what I needed to reinstall and what I could junk. Last night I wiped the drive and started the reinstall process. Windows is a F@#$ING PAIN IN THE ASS!!!!! It took me over six hours to get Windows XP Pro SP2 installed and updated. It was a pretty painful six hours too, USB stopped working, strange stuff happening to the touchpad, prompts and more prompts, reboot after reboot. . . . the only software I've installed so far is a third party firewall package and anti-virus software. The server was so much easier to rebuild. After 6 hours, I pretty much had the entire server rebuilt.

All this touble, just to get DMA re-enabled on my optical drive. . . . I hate Windows.

In other news, I inherited another computer. A Intel Celery 1.8GHz, 256MB RAM, 30GB hard drive. It a real beast. . . not. Just another pet computer. I was thinking of using it in my room if I couldn't get the laptop working the way I wanted to, but that doesn't seem to be the case anymore. It's not really worth investing money in, so I might just use it as a dedicated Linux box of some sort.

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My little sister is looking for a computer, I can take it off your hands for an amount you deem fair. Of course it would entail you coing to visit binnie and I...
Got more software installed. DMA is still working on the optical drive and playing DVDs don't cause the audio skip anymore which is a good sign. Hopefully I can finish installing applications tonight and start restoring data. Rebuilding a Windows box is such a pain.

I haven't decided to sell the computer yet. As well as the PIII-450 server runs, a 1.8 GHz Celery would probably run better.
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