Saturday, January 20, 2007

Shopping Day

So now that I work out in the middle of Suburban Hell itself (Stratford), I can't just pop out and go get a haircut or buy a magazine on my lunch break. This means I have to squeeze all my shopping for the week into Saturday like every other working shmuck.

It did make for a nice little afternoon of walking around downtown, though. After getting a week's worth of food at the lovely little Clover Farm store downtown I threw in another load of laundry (effeciency award here I come) and went back out again. Got some bus tickets at Shoppers Drug Mart, saving myself a whole $6 which I promptly spent at Timothy's, where I was harassed by the buskers since they knew me from the internets. This made for an awkward pause in the music and me deciding to take my coffee and go, there wasn't any free tables anyway. The band playing was Nudie and the Turks, though, and they're one of the better local acts, and definitely the best straight country-celtic type music around town.

I also popped into the re-opened Back Alley Music to grab a random CD that catches my attention as I used to do so often when I worked for the devil's retarded cousin back in 2005 when only having new music in my headphones could keep me in the office for the rest of the day. It was cool to see the new operation, things feel more alive, less dusty, and the people behind the counter less jaded. I hope they do well. This time I picked up Neil Young's Harvest album, since I surprisingly don't own it already.

Then I toddled over to the Book Mark and did my usual trawl through the history section. Today I came away with a book called The Changing Face of China by John Gittings. Don't know a lot about it, offline book shopping is now a little distressing for me since the only information about a book that I have access to while standing in the aisle is what's written on the back. No objective reviews or links to similar material. But on the other hand there's a lot more access to random items you might not find looking online where you really only see what you were searching for.

Anyway, I'm glad I live downtown so I can just walk out the door without a thought and go shopping, still sucks not working downtown anymore, though. Anyone with a car who wants to rescue me some noon hour and wants to do lunch is more than encouraged to send me a note any time.

By al - 4:19 p.m. |

how is new back alley for vinyl?

and, did you ever go to backstreet when it was here? and are they comparable?

I remember a used CD store in Freddie but I think it was called something different. It was even more cramped than the old back alley location on Kent St., and even harder to find. Never really had much use for it.

The vinyl section is a little more expanded in Back Alley now, looks like they're paying more attention to it which is good.
Yeah, that sounds like backstreet. They have a really good locals section and awesome hard to find stuff.

I havent ben to back alley in years because of uhh...disagreements with the previous owner so hopefully I can pick up something fun next time.
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