Sunday, December 17, 2006

My reality

Okay, last night I went to a party, at the end of the night we played Dirty Win loose or draw. And it is what you are thinking. So of the things drawn were expanded ass canal, crusty genital war, indecently testicle...You know your basic sex related gross stuff. Anyway while I was there I started to think about the groups of people I spend time with. And what makes me friends with them and where our common experience or interest come into play.

I'll start with swimming, because there is a lot there, first there is the coaches.
We have some basic interest that all co inside, first would be swimming, for the most part we all swam in high school, university and even now we tend to continue to swim.
We like kids, and enjoy watching them grown and develop as swimmers and people and athletes. Although today we all have different jobs we had very similar jobs in high school, such as lifeguarding, or surfguarding, teaching swimming lessons and so on. In the end we have a lot in common, that extends pass our swimming, values about working hard, setting goals, things we enjoy doing, standards of living, how we interact with people, how we spend our days. Conversations with them tend to be conservative but continue to stimulate the parts of brain that relate most strongly with people.

Then there is the people I swim with, we all have an interclass for working hard, everyone works at different jobs, and everyone jobs seems to be so high stress, but even through that we end up at the pool two or three nights a week to swim. Everyone there is very conversational, and no one has patients for the lazy, though we all claim to be lazy, because swimming 800 M of anything seems hard. Granted some of these people are coaches. Again if you look into the background of these people, they all swam in high school and or university. They have jobs that create continual challenges and they are all friendly people who are easy to work with.

The people at work. Well for the most part we have several degree's in common,At least one undergrad and a graduate degree indicating a strong level commitment and dedication to one's own future. We all spend several hours a day working on chemistry problems and working to follow standards set forward by Health Canada and the FDA. There is the tendency to be much less conservative with this group, conversations range from best restaurants to visit to best sex positions or things that really don't belong on anyone's blog. We all make really geeking jokes involving chemistry or industry type comments. Through University, we all have similar stories or working with good and bad professors, failing exams, passing labs, getting extremely drunk on Friday nights, and more. There is not one person in that group who has not done something stupid, had issues, of smelling like work, or who dress well when they arrive at work. Honestly we all dress like crap, in our cloths that have holes and bleach spots. Yet we differ when we start to get into the idea of our extra curricular activities.

Family; Genetics, other relatives, personality traits, we love the same food and experience some great adventures together. Really can't imagine life without them.

The Members of the Hallway. Well for the most part Mackenzie, some incredible years that we all lived in one dwelling, experienced, power outages, roommate problems, smelly bathrooms, formals, the meal hall, good and bad residence and more together. Our education back grounds and our career development so completely different, yet even years and years later, we travel at night across the bridge to go a party because someone's wife made it. OR we talk and listen about parent problems, or general life problems. We experienced some of the craziest experiences together. It created bonds and strong friendships even if we have spread out across at least two continents.

I guess in the end if you look at the different groups of people you hang out with, talk to or write about you can have an in depth look into your own personality and realize that you are not just a straight and simple person, that in fact you are extremely complicated and have many large parts of your personality.
I kind of like knowing that I am not some cookie cutter person, but in fact I have personality traits and experience that are like many different people but yet different from many other people. Guess you guys are lucky to find only one binnie

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