Sunday, December 03, 2006

Back Online

I resurrected my server, which is a huge relief. Seems the problems were with a corrupt CMOS/BIOS. Had to strip pretty much everything out to re-initialize it and then put everything back together. Overall, it was strange. I guess computers know better than to try to cross me....

Regardless, I think I'm going bump the priority up on upgrading the computers.

By Ming - 10:46 p.m. |

That's a relief, I just realized today that I don't have the site graphics on my own computer anymore.
Oh, I wasn't worried about retrieving files off the hard drives if that was the problem. It would just take longer to rig up another computer to transfer them.

Problem aside, it would appear running the server 24/7 for 3 or so years have taken it's toll on the machine. It would probably help if the server actually talked to the UPS it's hooked up to. I've been meaning to update the OS on the server for a while now. I just haven't gotten around to it as it's time consuming and likely to result in the server being down for a few days.
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