Wednesday, October 25, 2006

So It's Not Just Me

Waiting by the door at the Kent St. Tim Horton's this morning for the other people I went for coffee with to get served, I noticed that it's not just me, the servers seem to talk to everyone like they're either deaf or retarded.

This is why I'll pay the extra $0.20 for a coffee at Timothy's, though they should each go and work at a Tim's for 6 months to speed up their sandwich and bagel making operations. But as long as they remember how to talk to customers like they're human I'll try and go there when I've got the time.

By al - 10:39 AM |

Hear hear. I will go to Timothy's just for the fact that they will ask me what I want in a (more or less) pleasant, unrehearsed voice. Having the exact same phrase (seemingly every time) used to ask me what I want at Tim Horton's makes the place seem far too industrial and mass produced for my liking.

The coffee at Timothy's is better as well.
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