Wednesday, October 18, 2006

More Cats

I was going to post this as a comment, but I figured I had pictures.... Jody got a pair of kittens a week or two ago and I got to see them last weekend. I remember back when I had a kitten. He was really frightened for a few weeks before he became comfortable with the new environment, so I expected something similar. Not at all. These two are very much at home and not shy whatsoever. Jody just started letting them outside for short periods of time and so far they don't stray too far from the house; still catiously exploring the yard. I like cats. They don't crave attention. If you're busy, they will more than happily do their own thing (after leaving few fresh claw marks anyways). After seeing these two together, I'm pretty convinced getting two cats is better than getting only one.

By Ming - 12:34 a.m. |

i love cats 2
Duc, are your mom and sister able to go to the reception?
My mom's out of town. I can ask my sister, but she might be busy.
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