Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Depth of Sound

I did more to enhance the quality of my life today than anything I've done in the last six months or so, and all it was was to buy a nice new pair of headphones.

A girl I had a brief impossi-crush on last Summer once told me that all she thought she really needed to be happy was warmth and a nice pair of headphones. I think she may be right.

The new Beck album, The Information, is the first album I feel like I've properly listened to in a long time. It's different from his last few albums but still very much a Beck album, in that you can hear the invluence of the producer and the weaving together of musical threads from the last few years, and stretching further into the past for more material to create these patchwork songs from.

Beck's grandfather, Al Hansen, was a very well-known performance and visual artist of the 1960s, his most famous creations were made from random bits of leftover material serves as a nice parallel to how I think of Beck's last few albums - they're great things to appreciate as a whole, but when you try to take them apart to examine the pieces you feel like the whole thing has come apart in your hands.

By al - 10:38 p.m. |

i'm glad you made the investment. :) I will call you next week for a chat!
A good set of headphones make such a big difference. Hey! I've been saying that for years. Electric Jean got me to look into high-end audio equipment back in University.

About the only thing better than a kickass set of headphones is a really kickass stereo system :-p What I really enjoy is hearing all the little subtile sounds that just seem to disappear when played on. . . well, crap.

You must tell me what you got for headphone now!
Me too. I have a nice set for walking or public transportation, but I've been thinking about getting something new for the studio.
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