Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Sylvie + Uncut + Diableros tonight @ Hunters

I haven't done any plugs lately since no one actually reads this site, but I always love it when Sylvie comes to town, I can pretty much listen to them forever I think. They're one of the superstars of CBC Radio 3, I've probably heard them played on the weekly podcast more often than even Black Mountain.

Here's a great studio session they did in Vancouver for CBC: Link. It's keeping me entertained this afternoon.

Oh, and the other 2 bands that are opening for them are probably pretty good, too, but I havne't heard them before so go listen to them yourself.

This is actually quite a big week for music around here, last night was the instrumental band My Dad vs. Yours at Baba's, who (and I've never thought I'd say this..) sound a lot like newer Grand Theft Bus, who've actually gotten quite good of late. Then on Wednesday there are a couple of good shows happening, Lenore and Chara @ Hunter's Ale House and Raising The Fawn(Ont)The Golden Dogs(Ont)The Orb Weavers at Baba's. OK, apparently the Chara / Lenore thing has been cancelled. I'm guessing they saw that Raising The Fawn were playing and collectively shit their pants.Chara are heavy as fuck and don't let anyone call them anything like "metalcore" or other bullshit modern names like that, they do good old-fashioned thrash metal and they do it well. But I think the Baba's show is the one to catch since Raising the Fawn are amazing and pretty original.

Then Thursday is Wintersleep, the crowd will be crammed in like sardines into the stage part at Hunter's for this one, but if you can get in early it'll be a good show. They can get a crowd in sync with them like very few bands around here even think to try and do.

Then the weekend is going to be pretty lame because all the good bands will be in Halifax for the Halifax Pop Explosion. Gotta love a city that references the greatest disaster in their history to push a rock music festival.

By al - 4:00 p.m. |

I hope you had fun at the show tonight.

I'm beyond pumped to see Sylvie with Pony Up!
holy effff, i'll see you tomorrow!
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