Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Tuan &Trang's Reception

It's a bit late, so I'll just post the pictures I took earlier. The reception was nice. Plenty of people. I should have took more pictures. Anyways:

By Ming - 1:46 a.m. |

Again. Profusely sorry to Bini for being unable to give directions.

You guys just being there meant a lot to me.

Oh crap. Here come the tears.

I'm a little vaklempt. Talk amongst yourselves. Here's a topic: Kim Jong's hair. Uber fashionista or bed head?
P.S. I get to tease Trang for looking off in to space in that shot cause I've done it in plenty others.

So many flash bulbs... Hee.
What a beautiful picture of all of you!

And it's wonderful to have a recent pic to show off to my friends....

Just excuse me as I fight back the jealousy that I could not be there with all of you. :o(

Please extend my warmest "welcome wishes" to Trang and tell her that I look forward to taking you both out for dinner if I ever make it out of this danged country....
Chantal: if you send an appropriate picture to Al, he should be able to insert you in :-p
Al also accepts inappropriate pictures :)
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