Saturday, September 09, 2006

Streaming Music Videos

I got introduced to YouTube a few weeks ago. One of the competitors at Slemon this year posted in-car video of his and his co-driver's runs there, then I got the bright idea of searching for J-Pop music videos. . . . I'm quite surprised how recent some of the video are. It's funny how easy I can find J-Pop music videos, yet trying to download J-Pop MP3's is such a pain.

On a slightly disturbing note, I was visiting Greg last weekend and he was really into Dance Dance Revolution and J-Rap. Like, hardcore gangsta J-Rap.

By Ming - 4:05 a.m. |

DDR at the arcades? or did he actually buy a PS2 and dance mat...
youtube has everything
But... but... It doesn't have hardcore porn.
You can't claim to have everything if you don't even have porn. . . . :-p
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