Thursday, April 13, 2006

Google Calendar

Google Calendar is out now. Link. It lets you log in with your gmail account but I'm not sure how well-integrated it is with gmail yet, I created a test event and told it to email invite myself by email at 2 different addresses and I haven't received the notication yet.

In the mean time, it's fast as blazes, and the Thunderbird calendar plugin developers should be embarrassed at their slow-as-molassas application that is running on my desktop and takes half a second to bring up a new event dialog. This is why cross-platform GUI libraries are such a dead-end, at least when they're implemented as poorly as XUL seems to be performance-wise, and looks ugly on Mac OS no matter what skin you put on it. It just looks out of place.

Google calendar seems to have everything I have expected from calendar apps since Sidekick for DOS, nothing too innovative just yet, but maybe it's just under the surface. Sometimes too much innovation isn't a good thing, with Google Reader being a good example of trying to do things too differently and making it worse for it. I wrote about this here: Link.

Update: Wow, screw google calendar, go use 30boxes intead.

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