Sunday, April 09, 2006

I'm Hosting Trivia @ Churchill Arms Again on Tuesday

Come on out to Churchill Arms (on Queen st. next to the Canton) on Tuesday for the most challenging and interesting trivia in town.

I'll be doing the hosting this week and I'm coming up with some devious but broad-ranging questions, so your brain should get a good workout while you kill off your brain cells with Guinness and Strongbow.

Come bring a team or join the champion PEILocals team, and maybe go sing karaoke afterwards!

Trivia starts at 8:30, but you may want to show up at around 8 to get a table.

I've been posting the previous weeks' questions and answers at the Trivia Blog if you want ot get a feel for the kinds of questions that get asked.

See you there!

I'm thinking about maybe doing a podcast of the night, just to hear myself and maybe turn it into a 'play at home' type game, that could be potentially pretty fun.

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And the questions and answers are here: Link.
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